Demand real choice in your hiring process


Whether you are looking to bring on a new sales professional or looking to add a creative to your marketing team, you’re hiring the people who will uphold your brand & values to your customers.

Which means you shouldn’t just hire who’s conveniently available. You should demand real choice in your hiring process, and hire only those who can truly represent your brand your way.

The most successful performers are already happily employed. That’s why we have a team ready to find them, while you focus on your own goals.

When you contact one of our Senior Recruiters, we’ll conduct a full needs analysis, agree on the candidate profile, agree on terms, and then get to work for you. There’s no shortcuts or tricks. Our recruiters start searching for your ideal candidates. Calling and messaging them, vetting them in-person, and then introducing them to you.

You can focus on serving your clients, your operations, and your employees. No need to sift through the unqualified resumes or spend time luring other candidates to your business.

We have a whole team of people that will do that for you.

By the time the candidate’s resume has reached your inbox, you can rest assured that the candidate has been screened at least three times- once on the phone, once in person, and once by your dedicated Account Manager at SalesFirst Recruiting. We’ll handle the volume on our end and then send you the top 3-5 candidates. They’ll all be able to do the job. All you have to do is hire the one that fits your unique culture best.


It’s a lot more involved than hopping on although we never ignore any source of candidates. We build your candidate profile, search multiple private and public databases, leverage our huge network, and then start making outbound calls. To us, recruiting is a lot like sales. It takes an enormous amount of prospecting to discover both viable and interested candidates.


We’ve never met a candidate who admitted to being a lackluster professional, so we start the process of grading candidates the moment we engage them. We use proven techniques to uncover their professionalism, their truth and tact, and their drive. We also examine their leadership and future potential, their intelligence and sales acumen, their personality type, their sales preferences, and their character.


We get all the telling details. The metrics. The rankings. The calls made, appointments set, doors opened, deals closed, leads nurtured, and SEO scores measured. How many reps were on their team? Who won rookie of the year? Do they manage accounts? Are they strictly hunters? The interview ends when we know everything we need to know.


We aim to be a resource for professionals throughout their career, because the candidate you need isn’t always found after we start searching for you. It may be the candidate we met nine months ago while conducting another search.



Channel Sales Manager
Client Success Manager
Director Business Development
Director of Client Partnerships
Director of Sales
Sales Manager
Vice President of Sales


Account Development Representative
Account Executive
Account Manager
Account Representative
Account Specialist
Business Development Manager
Business Development Representative
Business Development Specialist
Client Success Manager
Customer Service Representative
District Sales Manager
Lead Development Representative
Market Development Representative

Regional Sales Manager
Sales Development Representative
Sales Engineer
Sales Professional
Sales Representative
Territory Sales Representative


CRM Administrator
CRM Specialist
Email Marketing Specialist
Market Research Analyst
Market Research Assistant
Marketing Analytics Associate
Marketing Automation
Marketing Data Analyst
Marketing Operations
Salesforce Administrator
Salesforce Specialist


Media Assistant
Media Buyer
Media Director
Media Planner
Marketing Communications
Media Relations

Public Relations
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Rep


Brand Ambassador
Brand Director
Brand Manager
Brand Strategist
Content Writer
Digital Content Specialist
Digital Coordinator
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Strategist
Director of Marketing
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Associate
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Manager
Marketing Specialist
Online Marketing Manager
Search Specialist
SEO Analyst
SEO Specialist
Social Media Specialist
VP of Marketing